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I used to think I was busy... 

I now know better...

Since the last time I posted:

  • I presented at 2 conferences
  • Had 3 job interviews
  • Found a job
  • Co-authored another paper
  • Moved to Montreal
  • Started working at Ubisoft
  • Had my first Christmas away from my family
  • Was elected the Games User Research steering comittee
  • Agreed to help organize the Games User Research Summit
  • Found time to finish: AC:B, LIMBO, Bastion, Deus Ex: HR, Darksiders
  • Found time to sink 40+ hours in to Civ 5
  • And a ton of stuff I'm forgetting

I do still have all those things that I want to post. Maybe now things are starting to stablize I'll be able to find a regular time to post something. 

Here's hoping, in the new year.


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