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Fat Characters and Pagination

Fat characters?

I came across this article that discusses the challenges of creating fat characters in games that allow character customization. Joshua Dennison presents an interesting argument about customization for player immersion. He suggests that to support a deeper level of immersion games will need to allow players to have greater control over the aesthetics of their characters. I can't say that I fully agree with the need to support heavier characters since there is research by Bessière et al. that suggests that when creating a character players primarily look to creating an ideal version of themselves. Regardless, I think Dennison presents an interesting argument for deep customization.


If you've ever read an article on any website you're more than likely had to click through numerous pages to see the whole story. Pagination is horrible usability and yet it's everywhere.  Farhad Manjoo presents a very interesting discussion of the problem. The primary argument for Pagination is page views for advertising. Farhad even suggests that pagination can actually drive down page views because users see the multiple pages and stop reading after the first; not clicking through. The reason I bring this up (there is a reason) is because to me there is a similar problem in so many video game menus, especially when we start talking about in game monetization. If we assume that multiple pages can drive users away from a website, I think it’s reasonable to extend that to needlessly menu heavy store fronts in games, but that's perhaps a deep discussion.

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