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Big Ideas

I spent this evening exploring an idea I had been nursing for a few weeks. It's a  further adaptation of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's flow theory, which was previously explored by Jenova Chen.  I'm not going to post details yet, because I still need to do a lot of background reading to ensure that this hasn't already been done.

In all likelihood this avenue has already been explored, but there may still be room for expansion.  Once I've done some additional reading I'll know whether I'm wasting my time. :)

Today was supposed to be a playtesting day for Gemini, however persistent bugs continue to prevent the project from reaching a 'done' state.  Most of the issues arise in multiplayer mode, and honestly the issue is almost always something to do with a race condition present in the eda; I'd kill for some kind of Semaphore, but that's not going to happen. The list of bugs/changes/additions grows three times faster than it shrinks.  The list can't even be triaged  effectively since the all the items on there are considered to be high priority.


Still have lot's to do over the next week. I need to get this site into a finished state, create some business cards, apply for a scholarship, and figure out what's going on in Vancouver.


Books and Projects

The Bookstore is currently have a sale. All the general interest books are 40% off, which is awesome.  Dave and I went over there Friday afternoon, before heading home, and we each walked out with arms full.

I picked up six books, two by Noam Chomsky, two writing books, FlatLand, and flow by mihaly csikszentmihalyi.  All six should be good reads, but I suspect that at least one of the writing books will be more of a page 'flipper' rather than a page 'turner'. Anyway, books make me happy even if each is a laboured investment on my part. :)

Not much else is new. I've spent the majority of the weekend reading and playing with this site. I'd argue that both are productive, though I should perhaps be spending my time on the Gemini project. Bah, I still have a good 12 hours tomorrow, and this project has already devoured 150+ hours in the last month.  Don't get me wrong, I love working on the project, I just can't see the end yet. =/


So Here We Are...

This is the first post on the new website. There really isn't much to say at the moment other than over the next few day's I'll be improving this and adding the important content.

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